Is Fruit Healthy?

Is Fruit Healthy?

Is Fruit Healthy?

We’ve been told ad nausem – without question – that we should eat our fruits and vegetables.

They are loaded with antioxidants and heart-healthy fiber. Right?

But what if this advice wasn’t so good?

In some writing that I’m working on, I titled a section “The Fruit Fallacy – An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Paid” that addresses this long held unquestionable advice.

Here’s the tweetstorm short-version of it (and under my saved instagram highlights under “Fruit” I talk a bit about this):

The combination of chemical treatments including those related to GMOs, year-round access, unripened, unlimited, fructose loaded fruit has made a food that was once a seasonal treat that provided some extra calories for famine, into an option most people would be far better without.

Just like agriculture moved us further and further away from what we are designed to eat fruit has gotten more and more unatural. The changes in modern food is a reason why i experimented with the carnivore diet.

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