2020 Challenge

Try to learn to make music by forcing myself to release 1 song / month


  • Shoot me a text if you want to get the songs when released: 314-207-3216
  • Also for behind the scenes, access to new songs and free downloads shoot me your email (form below)

2020 Challenge Complete

Looking back on the year, what hits me the hardest is how naive of a goal this was. I was clueless to the magnitude of all that goes into making a song (nonetheless, 1 song / month with no prior experience).

But I believe there is “Strength in Innocence.”

It’s what the final song of the challenge is about. There is power in “not knowing,” in being naive to the obstacles ahead and ignorant of what (others think) is possible.

I think it’s often “innocence” that gives one the strength to embark on something hard / worthwhile. Because if one were to know all that the struggles the path entailed, they’d likely never start.

Thank you to all who have followed along on this journey this year with me, for all the encouragement, and listening to undoubtedly some of the worst music you’ve ever heard 🙂 


Song #12: Strength in Innocence

Song 11: Multiply and Divide

Song 10: Left Behind

Song #9: They Say I Might

Song #8: LMFAO

Song #7: I Steal Your Thunder

Song #6: I’m Not Who I Was

Song #5: Marrow

Song #4: Memento Mori

Song #3: Just One More

Song #2: And I Won’t Forget

Song #1: I’ll Find Air