Beginner Resources to Get Started with Bitcoin

Beginner Resources to Get Started with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

The White Paper: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System (annotated version without the technical jargon)

Bitcoin Explained:

  1. Illustrated guide in simple terms
  2. How Bitcoin works 5 minute video (non technical)
  3. Bitcoin 101 (30 minute video)

Going Down the Rabbit Hole (and then even further down…)

Why Bitcoin?

Book: The Bitcoin Standard by Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Article: The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Podcast: The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency (Nick Szabo)

YouTube: Andreas Antonopoulos


How to Buy

How to Buy Bitcoin: 2-minute tutorial

  • Getting Started: Example #1 via an Exchange
    • Open an Account with an exchange (like Coinbase)
    • Authenticate / Link Bank
    • Use Fiat to buy Bitcoin
  • Getting Started: Example #2 via an “Intermediate”
    • Simply download / register with CashApp or Robinhood
    • Then buy directly from the app

Bitcoin for Corporations: Microstrategy Playbook

Technical Analysis


Weekly Updates

I will update this resource list over time.

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