Annual Challenges

Annual Challenges

2023 Challenge — Do the splits

2022 Challenge — Write better

2021 Challenge — Build a company

2020 Challenge — Learn to make music

  • Learn to make music by forcing myself to release 1 song per month.

2019 Challenge — Learn to draw

  • Learn to draw by practicing at least 5 minutes / day; 5 days a week.

2018 Challenge — 365 Days of Only Eating Meat

  • I started eating just meat in the middle of 2017. I had never felt better, and decided to Challenge myself to a full calendar year of only meat.
  • It’s lasted a lot longer…and gave birth to The Ultimate 90-Day Carnivore Challenge (see 2021 Challenge).

2017 Challenge — Connect: Education – Interests – Opportunity

  • Build software to aggregate online courses and use A.I. to personalize recommendations to align one’s interests, education, and opportunity.
  • It was a “Failed Success” – software was built, but business model didn’t work.

2016 Challenge — Develop NED

  • NED is now a patented sleep device that silences snoring and improves sleep.

2015 Challenge — Write a Book

2014 Challenge — Deadlift 3X bodyweight

  • Deadlifted 3X bodyweight: 495lbs at 163 lbs (and benched 2X bodyweight – ugly).

2013 Challenge — Start a Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

  • After graduation, I start a Dental Sleep Medicine practice.

2012 Challenge — Do a Physique Competition

  • Didn’t win the 1st one, but I did another one a few years and qualified nationally.

2011 Challenge — Create Online Fitness Training