2019 Challenge

I used to think that drawing was a skill you were either born with or not. But I decided to challenge this idea in 2019 by seeing if I could learn to draw by practicing at least 5 minutes / day; 5 days / week.

Pre-2019 Challenge Self-Portrait

Kevin Stock Self Portrait Pre-2019 Challenge
Self-portrait before starting 2019 Challenge

1st and Last Drawings of 2019 Challenge

My nephew, James, was the 1st picture I drew in 2019 and the last. I thought it would give me a good “before” and “after” comparison of the progress throughout the year.

How I Learned

I used a number of resources during the 2019 Challenge; however, 2 resources made the biggest difference. When I started using some new pencils in combination with some new tutorials I noticed a dramatic shift in my drawings.

If interested, I’ve outlined what I’d consider my top 2 recommended resources for learning how to draw. I’ve also included a list and links to all the supplies I use.

Drawings since 2019 Challenge

  • Window Eye Drawing
  • Ollie 5/25/2020