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Yearly Challenges

2023 Challenge — Long Drive Competition

  • Goal: 150 MPH swing speed, hit 400-yard drives, and compete in a long drive competition.
    • Commitment: Swing training at least 10 minutes/day; 5 days/week.

2022 Challenge — Write better

2021 Challenge — Grow a company

2020 Challenge — Learn to make music

  • Learn to make music by forcing myself to release 1 song per month.

2019 Challenge — Learn to draw

  • Learn to draw by practicing at least 5 minutes / day; 5 days a week.

2018 Challenge — 365 Days of Only Eating Meat

2017 Challenge — Flatten Education–Opportunity Gap

  • Created a startup that aggregated online courses and used A.I. to personalize them. We then connected online education to businesses looking to hire those skills. The idea was to align interests, education, and opportunity. It was a “Failed Success.

2016 Challenge — Develop NED

  • Since the 2014 challenge, I had treated hundreds of patients with sleep disordered breathing (Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring). It became clear that I needed something extra, something comfortable, cost effective, convenient. That extra was NED.
  • NED is now a patented sleep device that silences snoring and improves sleep.

2015 Challenge — Write a Book

  • Ok, I didn’t start the year with the idea of writing a book (my main focus was just building my Dental Sleep Medicine practice). But it hit me one day in the summer of 2015. So I listened to Yourdrum.

2014 Challenge — Build a Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

  • Started a DSM practice, treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) right out of dental school.

2013 Challenge — Graduate Dental School

2012 Challenge — Do a Physique Competition

2011 Challenge — Create Online Fitness Training

Kevin Stock Radio

My podcast with a random release schedule and topics 🙂

You can tune in here.

Meat Health

Meat Health is education and coaching on how to eat a meat-based diet to lose fat, build muscle, and discover lasting health.


NED is a patented intranasal sleep device that silences snoring.


Yourdrum – My first book. I think you’ll like it. 


College guest lecture about Yourdrum.


Scriptis LLC – Media and Publishing

Meat Health, LLC – Health Education and Coaching

NED LLC – Snoring Solution

About Dr. Kevin Stock

Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m a dentist who has been on a lifelong mission to discover how to bring about the highest levels of health and fitness.

This quest has led me to advocating for a meat-based, “carnivore,” diet.

As a dental student, I started “Muscle Science,” a blog where I shared my research and ideas about optimizing fitness. With an ethos of “practicing what I preach,” I used these nutritional strategies to become a national level physique competitor. After “cracking the fitness code,” I discovered I was missing a piece…health. My research turned to optimizing, not just outer appearance, but also inner health. Health and Fitness.

From here, Meat Health (and the Meat Health Method) was born.

Since my driving compass has been optimizing health and fitness, I was drawn to a niche area of dentistry called Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM). After graduating dental school and getting some advanced training, I opened a practice strictly devoted to treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and helping people sleep better by breathing better.

It didn’t take long before it became abundantly clear I needed new treatment to better help my patients — a comfortable, convenient, cost-effective solution for sleep disordered breathing (i.e. snoring and OSA). This led to years of research, development, and testing that resulted in the NED Device, a patented nasal device to treat snoring (NED is not yet FDA approved for OSA).

I’ve pushed to find the answers to health and fitness because it’s the engine that powers life. And with this engine I challenge myself to learn, do, and experience new things. To get the most out of life. Through annual “Challenges” I wrote a book called “Yourdrum,” picked up drawing, and am learning to make music and grow businesses.

Currently I spend my time researching, writing, growing Meat Health, LLC and NED LLC, doing pediatric dentistry, podcasting, buying bitcoin, hitting golf balls, drawing, trying to learn to sing 🙂 and sharing all my findings in the “Saturday 7″ newsletter.