How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

An interesting thing happens when people go to a meat-based diet.

Some people lose fat and some people gain fat.

Here’s how to lose fat on the carnivore diet:

This guide is designed to show you how to view fat loss, how to achieve it, and how to keep the body you want.

There are just 3 Steps.

Here they are:


After going through the 3 Steps in the the PDF, here are a couple videos where I explain in more detail how to implement your own fat loss strategy.

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    1. Hi Peter, sorry about the issue, some adblockers block the forms.
      If you try a different browser and/or turn of the adblocker, that does the trick 99% of the time.

      1. I am using Chrome, Firefox.. and no matter what I try there are no links? could you send me the link?
        Also, I am experiencing really bad liver pain (I think it is fatty liver). I have been on carnivore for about 3 weeks now.
        Your thoughts would be appreciated.

      1. Just fyi: There is NO FORM to enter email in? I think you are missing a link on this page?
        It is why EVERYONE keeps asking for the guide 🙂

  1. Hi Kevin, I live in the UK where ‘extreme’ diets are still frowned upon. I have been Keto for the last 6 years and thrived, I’m just 59 and I have no menopausal problem whatsoever and I can lift heavier than any other female in my gym. I have limitless energy and a fast recovery rate.
    I decide to experiment with Carnivore 6 weeks ago to try and solve some digestive issues that I had, I read your PDF from start to finish, I would never go back…..I feel so much better on all counts. My skin , my hair, my sleep, my digestion, my energy. I eat mostly beef, eggs, suet, offal with a little avocado and cucumber thrown in after 4 weeks. I have been religious with my electrolytes and this has made all of the difference, if I’m feeling a little light headed or need some energy, a salty infusion works tremendously.
    I’ve lost 1.5kg of fat whilst maintaining muscle and strength, and I’m already quite lean.
    I eat for England, 2/3 meals a day, sometimes time restricted fasting but nothing more restricted than that, and high protein high fat.
    The point of this is to send you a positive email to show that this is working for me as it should and the only problems that I encounter are other peoples comments/opinions/silence.
    Thanks Kevin

    1. Thank you Lesley – I love to hear messages like this 🙂

      Super happy to hear how much you are thriving (but based on everything you mentioned – not too surprised!)

  2. Hi Kevin, appreciate your advice on my dilema. I’m a 55 year old woman lean 5 foot 3 and 54 kilos.
    I had a colectomy 5 years ago meaning if have only a few inches of large bowel left which makes eating the right foods for the right nutrients important. Also I can’t eat too much in the one sitting anymore. I have trouble processing pork which can tend to cause temporary partial blockages at the site of my join/anastomosis. Would going carnivore be different for someone without much of their large bowel?

    1. It’s very likely if I were in your situation, my diet would be mostly meat.
      Meat is the most nutrient dense food, bioavailable food, which seems especially important in your case.
      It is efficiently absorbed in the small intestines – again seems ideal in your situation.
      Of course, I’m not going to give you medical advice, and I’d recommend talking with your doctor about your specific situation and nutrition plan (and if they didn’t already do this with you, that would make me raise an eyebrow).

    2. Hi Anne, I decided to write to you since I am in a similar situation. I had sub total colectomy. My entire colon was removed. This was done when I was 41. I am now 50. I have been in carnivore way of eating past 2-3 years. Would like to share experience with you.

  3. Hi Kevin…Thanks for all the amazing information you provide for carnivore bodybuilders. The benefits of beef liver are amazing and it just so happens that I love the taste. Can I eat liver a few times a week while in Phase 2 or would the carbs that are found in the liver spike my insulin too often and slow my progress? Thanks for any insight you can provide…

    1. Hey Gary, it’s my pleasure. And the carbs aren’t a problem. The only concern I would potentially have is the amount of Vitamin A. Too much, too often, theoretically could have adverse health effects. I say theoretically because I know many people that eat a whole lot of liver and do just great, and I haven’t personally heard of anyone experiencing vitamin A toxicity (having corresponded with tens of thousands of people – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible) – I guess just something to be aware of.

  4. Hi, Kevin!
    I am a migraineur and recently started Dr. Stanton’s protocol, which is already helping me, though still a lot to learn and understand. I was on Keto for more than 6 years, and even before I discovered Dr. Stanton’s protocol, I’ve already decided to go carnivore, which is also supported by the protocol. With protocol, I increased water intake, limited coffee to one cup a day, trying to balance electrolytes, etc.
    I was expecting the changes in bowel movements, since everybody was talking about problems with loose stools, having to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially the first few weeks—what happened to me was a complete opposite, and I cannot find information on that case anywhere (I read the pdf). When even laxatives don’t help? What to do then?

    1. Hi Lana, the opposite (going less – volume and frequency) is also common during transitioning (it is talked about in the 30 day guide but I know it’s long so it’s easy to miss things)

      Some things that can help:

      1. You can try supplementing with some magnesium citrate (very helpful for many)
      2. Make sure you are eating enough fat (“raw” whole fat sources preferred over rendered fats, 70% of calories is a good target to aim for)
      3. Eating a lot of overcooked meat can cause some people to have constipation issues (try eating a bit more rare is helpful for many)
      4. Spacing eating into 2 or 3 meals (OMAD can be a lot on the gut for some people)
      5. Don’t drink a lot of liquid with or around meals (save liquid drinking for between meals)

      Besides this, really just giving it some time is usually the solution. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Kevin, Giovanna here (i get your texts too and I love being part of your community)
    I read your guides, both and I need to heal first but I’m so scared to keep gaining weight and my clutches l clothes not fitting. I’ve been yo-yo for a while and I know I’m eating too little, no more than 1500kcal a day, but then binge.
    I’m a woman, 127# , 51, ~26% body fat, workout 7 days a week. 4x resistance, 2x Hiit or tabata and once long steady walk or bike. And would like to go back to my premenopausal weight ~115
    I guess I just want to share this, open up and I’m stopping the carnivore Keto cut I am trying to start over and over again, I won’t weigh my food, will just eat to satiety and just from the animal kingdom, which does feel better for me, no bloating, no inflammation, great mood, better hair and skin.
    Thank you for your Saturdays emails and all that you cover in them

    1. I think that is very smart, to focus on getting metabolically in a good place, fix relationship with food (and hunger signaling), build some LBM, etc…otherwise fat loss is almost always a short term thing instead of getting a body composition you are happy with for the long term.

  6. Hey Kevin, im from a medical clinic background, we used keto to heal the cancer/lymes/mold patients etc.
    Now keto made me fat and unwell so i went to carnivore and i feel better than I ever have, lost weight and I do not check my keytones via blood anymore. qn: one of my nurse coleagues has cancer and tells me she doesn’t think carnivore puts you in ketosis. Since I don’t check my blood anymore I couldn’t answer that question.

    Can you expand on this? Are we in ketosis eating a carnivore diet. Steak eggs etc? The fat would be what is naturally in the egg and the meat (cowboy ribeye).

    Thank you!

    1. Short answer: yes you’ll be in varying depths of ketosis

      Longer answer: has to do with why do you want to be in certain depths of ketosis (can be very important for certain cancer patients, epilepsy, ect…but for general health – perhaps not)

  7. Hey Kevin. I found that when I did keto I lost more weight quicker than I did when I was doing carnivore. Could my metabolism have slowed down, I could only afford 500gram of meat and 4 to 8 duck eggs. I weigh 123kgs. Female. I was doing omad at the same . Actually I didn’t have an appetite most of the time. I plan on restarting tomorrow, any suggestions? I need to gt healthy.

    1. Hi Jamila – did you get a chance to read the pdf? I talk about these exact questions in it. Let me know if you have any questions after reading 🙂

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