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This is where we dive in, explore, uncover, and discover the latest findings, breakthroughs, and how-tos. 

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Podcasts shows I’ve been on:

HPO Podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter

I got to chat with Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter about Carnivore – Dental Health – and even some body composition / performance.

I’ve also had both Shawn and Zach on Kevin Stock Radio.

Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Dr. Paul Saladino launched a podcast called Fundamental Health, which I was honored to be an early guest. Of course we talked about Weston Price, a dentist hero of mine, as well as some other interesting topics like:

  • The Carnivore Diet
  • Building Muscle / Losing Fat
  • Sleep
  • Teeth
  • The parallels between diet, a healthy mouth, and healthy body

Will to Win Podcast with William Shewfelt

William, aka Brody – the Red Power Ranger on the Nickelodeon show, invited me to chat on his podcast “Will to Win.” We talked about how a meat-based diet can transform a person. A transformation not unlike that of the superhuman powers attained when dressed in red.

Carnivore Cast

I got the opportunity to chat with Scott about:

  • Background as a physique competitor
  • Mental and physical benefits of carnivore over keto
  • Dangers of plants
  • How to build muscle and how to get extra lean on carnivore
  • When to tinker with the carnivore diet
  • Sleep on a carnivore diet
  • And much more!

The Ketogenic Athlete

I got to talk with Danny and Brian about Keto vs carnivore, a bit about dentistry and diet, and how it would be nice to get to go to Iceland and eat puffin.

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Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code

Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code

Dr. Paul Saladino’s new book “The Carnivore Code” launched today (2/25/20) and I got to have him on the podcast to talk about it. We discuss The Carnivore Code book and also address some of the most common questions about The Carnivore Diet like: “Nose-to-tail” vs “muscle meat” carnivore (and deficiency risks) Macros (and if I’m pushing…

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Your 2 Hardest Decisions in Life

Your 2 Hardest Decisions in Life

“What’s the point in tip-toeing to the grave?”  – Kevin Stock In the “Mini-Season” Premiere of Kevin Stock Radio I discuss two of the most difficult decisions I’ve personally faced, and I think that everyone faces these two kinds of decisions in one way or another throughout life. I talk about a framework I use…

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