Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code

Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code

Kevin Stock and Paul Saladino

Dr. Paul Saladino’s new book “The Carnivore Code” launched today (2/25/20) and I got to have him on the podcast to talk about it.

We discuss The Carnivore Code book and also address some of the most common questions about The Carnivore Diet like:

  • “Nose-to-tail” vs “muscle meat” carnivore (and deficiency risks)
  • Macros (and if I’m pushing the limits of human physiology and protein consumption)
  • His appearance on The Doctors TV show
  • Ferritin
  • Environment impact of eating meat
  • What he’s going to be doing in 6 months.

This was one of the most informative, real conversations I’ve had about carnivore and publicly talking about health/nutrition.

To listen to the podcast:

Kevin Stock Radio: Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code

The Carnivore Code
Table of contents

(hyperlinks are articles I’ve written on the topics – perhaps good primers while you wait for your book to arrive 🙂 )

Section 1: Where we’ve come from

1: Our Beginnings 

2: The worst mistake in human history 

Section 2: Plants are not always our friends 

3: Chemical warfare- types of plant toxins

4: Isothiocyanates: is broccoli a super hero or super villain? 

5: Polyphenols: unicorns and fairy tales

6: Attack of the oxalates 

7: Lectins: of kidney beans and Parkinson’s disease

Section 3: Debunking myths about animal foods

8: Myth 1- We need plants for complete nutrition 

9: Myth 2: We need fiber for a healthy gut

10: Myth 3: Red meat causes cancer, and shortens our life

11: Myth 4: Red meat causes heart disease 

Section 4: Returning to the ways of our ancestors 

12: What to eat on a carnivore diet, AKA how to be radical

13: Common pitfalls and questions

14: The end of the road, the beginning of new adventures


FAQ, Recipes, Meal Plans, Bloodwork recommendations, Resources

While waiting for your book to arrive…

I think you’ll really enjoy this primer on “Health Dangers of a Plant-Based Diet” (and if you’re ready to dive in – here’s the 30 Day Guide to Going Full Carnivore).

5 Replies to “Dr. Paul Saladino – The Carnivore Code”

  1. I have three times the chance of getting recurrent food poisoning due to antibody production, hence I need to be extra careful. I’m listening to the interview and you and Paul mention overcooked meat stripping vitamin C and possibly other nutrients, hence my question about any nutrition gaps that could be forming if one needs to eat well done meat. I don’t want to take a vitamin supplement, so do you suggest anything to consider? Side note, with my disease, there is an autoimmune nerve damage in the gut/gut motility component to it that Dr. Pimentel of Cedars Sinai is working to cure. Paul is aware of this. So far over the course of a few months I’ve felt better in the gut since focusing on higher protein and less carbs type diet and would like to follow it indefinitely.

    1. If you are worried about it then I’d just add some organs, particularly some liver – though just fyi – I know many people who do more well done meats and no organs and do just great

  2. I have post-infectious IBS and eating a canrviorish diet, so eating well done meat is necessary to prevent getting food poisoning again. I understand nutrition could be cooked out with well done meat, so what do you suggest I do to try and cover nutrition gaps?

    1. I’m not sure how valid the “prevent getting food poisoning” is nor what “gaps” you are referring to?

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