Your 2 Hardest Decisions in Life

Your 2 Hardest Decisions in Life

“What’s the point in tip-toeing to the grave?” 
– Kevin Stock

In the “Mini-Season” Premiere of Kevin Stock Radio I discuss two of the most difficult decisions I’ve personally faced, and I think that everyone faces these two kinds of decisions in one way or another throughout life.

I talk about a framework I use to make these decisions and how I make doing the “impractical” practical.


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Show Notes

  • Why I don’t practice dentistry? [01:40]
  • What does high school train us to do today? [02:10]
  • The worst way to decide what you want to do with your life [06:10]
  • My blessing and curse [06:56]
  • When your whole life feels like a sunk cost [07:53]
  • Don’t let bad decisions of the past dictate good decisions of the future [06:10]
  • Decision making framework to deal with sunk costs [09:30]
  • College – sunk cost vs trapped [10:09]
  • Intestinal fortitude [11:50]
  • How I started treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea [13:00]
  • What bootstrapping really looks like [15:37]
  • Problems of oral device therapy [18:04]
  • The idea for NED [18:55]
  • Dream life [21:30]
  • The 2nd hardest decision [21:40]
  • Practicality to do the impractical [26:50]
  • A shocking discovery about snoring [29:02]

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2 Replies to “Your 2 Hardest Decisions in Life”

  1. Hey Kevin I’m trying to get to a similar place you are at physical fitness wise and I seem to do pretty well with most of what you do however I notice I’m wanting more unrendered fat from beef,lamb,ruminants etc. For some reason the tallow doesn’t really work for me so I wanted to ask if you’d ever had a similar situation and how you got around that?

    1. Hey Matt – I don’t really understand the problem – if you are wanting more unrendered fat (totally normal) than just stick with unrendered fat (rendered fats can cause issues for many people).

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