Keep Swinging

Keep Swinging

Keep Swinging:

“Hey if you get up to bat, and you take a swing, good for you for stepping up to the plate and swinging.

Because most people won’t do that. Most people will just stay on the side line, watch the other players.

But they don’t dare step on the field, don’t dare step up to the plate and take a swing.”

If you’ve ever dared to step up to the plate, and swung and missed you’re not alone. It feels lonely because most people prefer to sit on the side lines than to take a risk. But you’re not alone.

In this episode I discuss the most important thing to do after a swing and a miss.




I have my younger brother, Joe, to thank for this advice that he probably unknowingly departed upon me. As we were training back at Gold’s Gym he said “You’ve been swinging for years, just gotta keep swinging.” 

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I think it helps people who dared to step up to the plate to hear from others who have done the same, who have missed, who have kept swing? Share your story in the comments.


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Show Notes

  • Launching an Ed tech startup [02:43]
  • Pivoting the company [02:10]
  • Stepping up to the plate – going all in [05:40]
  • Hit by a bombshell [09:28]
  • Hunting for my inner Superhuman [12:43]
  • Going “full” keto [13:55]
  • Going “full” carnivore [15:45]
  • Swing – Miss – Stepping back into the batters box [18:09]
  • Most people… [21:50]

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