Dr. Shawn Baker – The Carnivore Diet Book

Dr. Shawn Baker – The Carnivore Diet Book

Dr. Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet Book

Dr. Shawn Baker’s new book “The Carnivore Diet” launched today (11/19/19) and I got to have him on the podcast to talk about it.

We discuss The Carnivore Diet book and also address some of the most common questions about The Carnivore Diet like:

What about anaerobic activity / workouts, glycogen replenishment, strength/power, and recovery?

What about organ meats and micronutrients?

What about sleep issues, blood work outliers, and grain-finished meats?

Kevin Stock Radio Podcast Episode 018:
Dr. Shawn Baker: The Carnivore Diet Book

To listen to the podcast:

Kevin Stock Radio: Dr. Shawn Baker and The Carnivore Diet Book

The Carnivore Diet by Shawn Baker, MD

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: My Story
  • Chapter 2: Where Did We Go Wrong
  • Chapter 3: Evolutionary Guessing Game
  • Chapter 4: Addressing the Questions
  • Chapter 5: Meat, the Superfood
  • Chapter 6: The Myth of Planty Goods
  • Chapter 7: Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Other Heresy
  • Chapter 8: Let’s Do This: Getting Started
  • Chapter 9: Character Studies and Anecdata
  • Chapter 10: Veganism: The False Hope
  • Chapter 11: Loose Ends and Odd Bits
  • Appendix: Carnivore Cheat Sheet

The Carnivore Diet Book Review

I will be writing a full, in-depth review of The Carnivore Diet book.

If you want these “cliff” notes – just sign up below for the Saturday 7 newsletter and I’ll send them your way when they are ready.

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