Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?

Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?

“Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?”

Countless people have tried to pin cancer on red meat, but what’s the truth?

It was a reason why Dr. Layne Norton, a very smart PhD who is not a slouch when it comes to nutrition and physiology, said a carnivore diet is a stupid idea – yet i did it nonetheless.

One of the biggest reasons this worry exists is thanks to a 2015 paper published by the WHO.

Here’s the tweetstorm version of it (and under my saved instagram highlights under “cancer” i talk a bit about this):

This paper the WHO released was based on weak epidemiology. They cherry picked studies and omitted those that didn’t fit within their conclusions. The relative risk finding of 1.7, nonetheless, is still so weak that anything under 2.0 is known to be unreliable.

This paper was based on bias, bad data, and ulterior motives.

But then Steven asked a great question…

To me it’s a strange thought that modern cancers and diseases are attempted to be pinned on meat – a food that we are literally designed to eat.

Hope this puts your mind to rest if you were worried about red meat causing cancer. Nothing to worry about.

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