Go for it.

Go for it.

Go for it.

“What is the point of tip-toeing to the grave?”

This has been a life-motto, decision-making framework that I’ve used to make hard decisions.

It’s human nature to seek out and hold on to safety, security, the known, the comfortable.

It’s human nature to tell ourselves stories about why something we may love is impossible.

We constantly self-justify our lives to avoid change. Change is unknown. Change represents danger.

We’d rather tip-toe.

“Self-justification is the voice of hell.”

William Blake

A question I often ask myself is “Where am I tip-toeing?”

Where am I afraid? Where is this fear holding me back?

I find that the easiest way to get these answers is asking a second question:

“What would I love?”

When this question is asked from a point-of-view of zero excuses, zero justifications, zero limitations, it shines a light on areas I’m playing small. Because the natural answer to “What would I love?” brings about a “but…I can’t have that because…”

And behind that “because” is fear – it’s the tip-toeing.


When I can see where I’m tip-toeing it allows me to embrace a new story.

A story where I can just – Go for it – because what’s the point in tip-toeing to the grave.


Step up to the plate. Swing. And keep swinging.

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