The Carnivore Diet – with Trevor Williams – Mental Health

The Carnivore Diet – with Trevor Williams – Mental Health

The Carnivore Diet with Trevor Willaims (Mental Health)

“People come for the fat loss and stay for the mental health.”

This is the first episode in “Mini-Season 2” of Kevin Stock Radio.

In this mini-season we’re talking all about the Carnivore Diet.

When most people think of a diet, fat-loss comes to mind. In this episode we discuss a side effect of diet that goes beyond what you can see on the outside and how food can influence mental health.

Thanks to Trevor for sharing his eye-opening story and to you for listening!

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I think it helps people who dare to share their stories of struggles as well as triumphs, and would love to hear from others. Share your story in the comments.


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Show Notes

  • Carb loading dogma [2:40]
  • From Keto to Carnivore (why I experimented) [4:49]
  • Impacts of coffee [09:38]
  • 6 months of just beef and water [13:35]
  • Cheating on the Carnivore Diet [16:20]
  • Adapting to Carnivore [17:50]
  • From Vegan to Carnivore [21:00]
  • How much meat do carnivores eat/day [23:45]
  • Shawn Baker, MD [24:30]
  • Supplements and Vitamins on a Carnivore Diet [27:00]
  • Fat loss on a Carnivore Diet [30:30]
  • Salt [31:45]
  • Bowel movements on a Carnivore Diet (do you need fiber?) [38:00]
  • Mental Health and Diet [40:00]
  • Macros and getting Shredded [51:30]

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