How Lectins Invade

How Lectins Invade

How Lectins Invade

A small spotlight has been put on lectins [more in depth analysis of lectins, consequences, and what to do about it] showing what can happen when we eat things that we aren’t designed to eat.

There are thousands of lectins and not all of them are created equal. Some like gluten are well known though may not be as harmful as most think, while others like WGA are relatively unknown and may be quite destructive to fat loss goals and health in general.

We are finally starting to wake up to the impact of a “leaky gut” and the havoc it can cause on everything from our hormones to inflammation and immune response to our our brain and blood vessels.

What are lectins’ role? Let’s explore.

Here’s some of my twitter notes on the subject. I also have several saved instagram highlight stories saved about lectins.


Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) – A Fattening Lectin

Our Defense against Lectins

Just as plants have evolved defense mechanisms to deter predation, humans have evolved to try and better stomach these plants.

Moral of the Story

Sometimes it just makes sense not to eat that which tries to poison us.

Sometimes it makes sense to eat that which we are designed to eat.

It was this revelation combined with plant poison symptoms that led me to experiment with the carnivore diet.

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