Iced Bone Broth Recipe

Iced Bone Broth Recipe

Iced Bone Broth Recipe

Iced Bone Broth RecipeIced bone broth recipe? Yes. Summer hits hard in St. Louis.

It gets hot. And ice water is great.

But sometimes I like a little diversity. I like some flavor. I like some electrolytes.

So I started making this “controversial” – Iced Bone Broth Recipe.

It’s like iced coffee, just better.

On Instagram, in my saved stories under “Iced Bone Broth” you can watch how I make this.

Here is the 5 Step Iced Bone Broth Recipe:

Step 1:

Grab a pot and fill it up with water.

Step 2:

Gather up your meat bones and add them to the pot. If you’re on a carnivore diet, just save your bones from your meat. In this version I used short ribs, lamb bones, and bones from the ribeyes I ate this week.  Bone diversity isn’t necessary, however.

Some people like to roast their bones, I generally don’t.

IMPORTANT: Try and leave some meat on the bones. If you are like me, you may gnaw on bones until not even a dog could find anything left on it. Withhold this temptation. Leaving meat on the bones will further improve the electrolyte content.

Step 3:

Add salt. I like Pink Himalayan Salt.

Step 4:

Turn on the heat. Cover. Bring it so a light boil and let cook for a few hours. A crock pot or pressure cooker also works just fine.

Pro Tip:

After bones have cooked for a bit, you can take them out and peel the remaining meat off the bones.

Add a pinch of salt and you have tender meat, cartilage, and fat – nice and juicy.

Step 5:

This last step is the “controversial” step.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been drinking my Iced Bone Broth and someone asks, “What are you drinking?

I reply “Iced Bone Broth.

And they reply “Disgusting.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

For this last step fill up a large cup or mug with ice.  Pour in the bone broth. Add a pinch more salt.

There you have it. Iced Bone Broth.


You will see white fat float to the top.

It’s like cookie dough in cookie dough ice cream magically coming to the surface providing constant flavor with every sip.

Store your stash in fridge. And enjoy.

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