My Top 2 Drawing Resources and Essential Supplies

My Top 2 Drawing Resources and Essential Supplies


If you’re a beginner, like I was pre-2019 Challenge, with little to no formal training, I’d recommend starting with this classic book by Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

I’d start with just this book and its accompanying workbook.

Once you read through the book and do the exercises, I would say you are ready to graduate to intermediate.


If I could do my 2019 Challenge over again, immediately after finishing with Betty Edward’s book and exercises, I would jump into this online tutorial by JD Hillberry that teaches Realistic Drawing with Light, Contrast, and Texture.

And then (if you are interested in drawing portraits), his Realistic Portrait Tutorial is fantastic.


At this stage I would recommend upgrading supplies. Much of what I list here are in alignment with what JD recommends, but I tend to shop Amazon for the best deals:

  • Drawing board
    • You need a hard, smooth service to tape your paper to while drawing.
    • You can use a thin piece of wood like Masonite or even a large wood cutting board.
  • Artist Tape
    • Masking tape can leave a sticky residue, so I recommend using an Artist Tape (“Drafting Tape”) on the corners of the paper to hold the paper to the drawing board


  • I have gotten so much out of JD Hillberry’s tutorials that I purchased the rest of them and I’m making my way through them
  • While I’m not sure what the next step in advancement is, when I do, I’ll let you know
  • Supplies
    • I don’t know – not their yet 🙂


I used several other resources in my 2019 Challenge, especially between the time of Betty Edward’s book and JD Hillberry’s tutorials. While I’m sure they weren’t a waste of time, if I could re-do the 2019 Challenge, I would have simply went from Betty to JD and I’m confident I would have progressed further in that time. So hopefully this list can put you on the fast track with what I’ve found to be the top 2 resources in getting started on my drawing journey.


Although 2019 has come and gone, I’m planning on continuing to learn and progress, and i’ll post updates here on Instagram and here on the website.