How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet

An interesting thing happens when people go to a meat-based diet.

Some people lose fat and some people gain fat.

Here’s how to lose fat on the carnivore diet:

This guide is designed to show you how to view fat loss, how to achieve it, and how to keep the body you want.

There are just 3 Steps.

Here they are:


Here’s even more about the importance of Part I before going to Part II in the guide:

8 Replies to “How to Lose Fat on the Carnivore Diet”

    1. Pretty simple right.

      I should add (if it wasn’t clear) PROGRESSION is the key – gradually eating a bit leaner over time, gradually decreasing amount eating over time, gradually increasing cardio over time.
      Often people back themselves into a corner going all out right out of the gate and then hit a wall which they cannot get past.

      Lastly, I should have mentioned workouts – as I strongly recommend resistance training of some sort.
      I prefer what most people would call traditional “bodybuilding” style of training, but whether that, or strength training, or crossfit, or whatever – including resistance training will help prevent muscle loss and enhance fat loss.

  1. Wow Kevin! Love to be really lean for an athletic event I participate in this July so plenty of time I think. Don’t have much fat to lose myself but have gained about 25 lbs. in a little over a year (on purpose) but the abs man are just not good enough for my old fart image. I’m 70 and will provide my Insta below so you can take a look at my current physique. Have your magazine abs program forever and need to search the HDrives for it!! :).

  2. Love your posts and expertise! I slid off the wagon due to stress. BUT, now I know that stress is my trigger for poor foods, I am restarting and feel like if I can just post here, it is like a friend that understands. So day is will be Sunday, as I am off to purchase a freezer full of healthy lean meats. I have some cucumbers, etc, in the hydrator so will munch those until gone for money sake. Then its 100% canrivore. Thanks for letting me sound.

    1. Awesome love to hear this! If we can help with accountability via public announcement – I think that is great!

  3. Thanks for the IG live yesterday! In the interest of time, I’m a 33 YO female, 200 lbs, 5’3, %47 BF (yikes) I’m not looking to get “unnatrally lean”, just “normal” %BF. I am coming from a Ketogenic way of eating, love it! Obviously experienced some wt loss in the beginning. my 2nd son will be a 1 in a month so throw pregnancy in there, too. I don’t have any diagnosed health issues hormonal or otherwise. I’ve heard you say start off with eating 2 lbs of meat, etc, and that sounds like sooo much!! I definitely think I’m not eating enough, but because I’m not hungry! I fast (not on purpose), but am finding myself forcing down whatever meat product I have available in an effort to not damage metabolism.
    *I know I need to work in some resistance training*

    should I continue to eat (carnivore) until full even when not hungry? I also believe I’m in the healing process, too since my history of being overweight and yo-yo dieting.

    hope this is sufficient info for guidance.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Olivia, I don’t think (or hope not!) I’ve ever said “eat 2lbs of meat” – I think you should eat until satisfied, not more or less. Your appetite will regulate over time, so it sounds like you are on the right path šŸ™‚

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