Bitcoin Masterclass

Bitcoin Masterclass

About the Bitcoin Masterclass

This Bitcoin Masterclass takes nontechnical beginners to the cutting edge, leading this historic change. Quickly. Easily.

Throughout the Masterclass we use a simple sports analogy: from getting on the field, to turning pro, to scoring, to defending, to winning and bringing home the championship hardware.

The Bitcoin Masterclass objective is for everyone to look back and say that it was the best investment of their time they’ve ever made.

I created this Masterclass because I know what side of history I want to be on, and if I can help other nontechnical people join me on this side, I’d love to help

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Lesson Overview: What’s Inside

Lesson #1:

Joining the Bitcoin 1%

This is perhaps the most important lesson.

You will learn the 1 thing that the 1% understand that separates them from the other 99%. And because of this 1 understanding they DO 1 thing that the 99% don’t do.

This lesson + the last lesson are probably the 2 most important money lessons I’ve learned.


Lesson #2:

Welcome to the 1%: Getting on the Field with the Pros

After making the best investment in yourself you’ve ever made, I show you how to get on the field and start playing with the pros.

In many ways, Lesson 2 is a continuation and fulfillment of Lesson #1, the most important lesson.

It turns onlookers and observers into players. You can stay in the crowd and watch the athletes, or you can jump on the field and get in the action. This is the lesson that turns entertainment into action. It gets you on the playing field.


Lesson  #3:

Bitcoin Essentials You Must Know: How to Score with your Striker (The Crucial Rules of the Game)

Trying to play without understanding the critical rules is a way to get hurt. In this lesson you learn how to play with the best of them.


Lesson #4: The Secret Rules the Insiders Play By

Insiders have secret rules and tactics they play by. They know how to put up a brick wall of defense making it nearly impossible to score against them. In this lesson we fortify your defense.


Lesson #5: The Laws of Bitcoin Value: The Strategy and Tactics the Pros Use to Score

In this lesson we build your overall strategy. Now that you’re on the field, know the insider rules, have the “keys” on how not to get scored on, then we go into how to start winning the game.


Lesson #6: Passing the Ball Wins Games – Your First Pass.

In this lesson we reveal how to pass the ball like the pros so the other team can never even touch it.


Lesson #7: Beyond Bitcoin – Spreading the field and Scoring with Your Other Players

In Lesson 7 you will discover the other players on the field and take your game to the next level.


Lesson #8: Multiple Exponential Returns – Upgrading your Team with Hot New Players for Fast Goals and Quick Wins

Lesson 8 is about discovering new players and positions to upgrade your team to a championship caliber.

You will learn how to put your best players on the field. You will also learn to identify the bad players – which most are – the ones you don’t want to draft, the ones you don’t want to put on your team.

Some players you will want to keep an eye on, like young rookies that look promising and are worth taking a flier on – but 99% are not. We’ll learn how to identify potential superstars as well as the ones that would tank your team.


Lesson #9: Retire on the Beach – Beyond winning a game…taking home the championship

By the end of Lesson 8 you will be set up to win the game.

You’ll be on the field with the pros, you’ll have a strong defense, you’ll know your go-to players you can depend on, you’ll have an eye out on the upcoming talent, but winning the game isn’t the goal. Winning the Championship is.

In Lesson 9 we get set to win the championship.


Lesson 10: The 3 Steps to Solidify Your Future

In this last lesson we will go over the 3 simple steps to solidify your future wealth.


Each Lesson builds on the prior lesson.

Lessons will be a mixture of training styles including: video, blueprints, guides, etc.

Each lesson will have homework and action items.

In less time than a semester of college you will have your financial wealth solidified.

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Just a reminder, everyone that joins will get the 2 additional critical reports:

  1. “How to Hide your Bitcoin from Thieves and Hackers”
  2. “How to Sell your Bitcoin for Maximum Profit”